Is the stag the male deer? Do carrots grow on trees? Are cows really purple? There
are many questions to be answered in today’s environmental education. This is an
important mission for large reserves such as our nature reserve. Visitors of our region
can find out interesting facts about the nature of their holiday destination in
environmental education; however, it also appeals to the local population since many
interesting things can be discovered in the rich nature of the Fichtelgebirge directly at
the doorstep.
The district supervisor as well as the reserve’s nature and landscape guides offer
guided walks on special environmental topics and into the wildlife sanctuaries. Our
geopark rangers let you experience and understand how the mountains of the
Fichtelgebirge were formed. These colourful, expertly guided events make learning
Landscape conservation for maintaining our rich cultural landscape has a long
tradition in the Fichtelgebirge nature reserve. This work in semi-natural habitats,
which now need to be maintained as a result of abandonment, has been managed
with the support of the farming community, landowners, the municipalities and
competent authorities and nature conservation organisations.
Current events are listed in our calendar of events. If you wish to be up to date on our
latest events, walks, guided tours, lectures, campaign days and natural experience
excursions, simply subscribe to our newsletter (s. News).

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