District supervision

In many other countries, it goes without saying that full-time rangers take care of the
protection of particularly valuable or endangered nature reserves. And likewise, there
has been a full-time nature conservation watch in the Bavarian national park. Outside
those national parks, rangers and so-called district supervisors undertake this task.

The main responsibilities of the district supervisors in Bavaria are

• public relations work for concerns and objectives of the protected area
• environmental education and visitor guidance
• coordination and support of the volunteer workers
• information transfer as interface between land owners, authorities, nature
users and nature conservationists
• conflict management in the protected areas
• monitoring and species conservation
• participation in sustainable regional development by supporting gentle tourism
Since 1st May 2008, there has been a full-time district supervisor for the
Fichtelgebirge Nature Reserve as one of 30 regions in Bavaria for the first time.
He is primarily concerned with the protection of endangered wood grouse in the
Fichtelgebirge and with improved monitoring for the lynx. In addition, the district
supervisor conveys to the locals and to guests during tours and lectures how
valuable and therefore worthy of protection the nature in the Fichtelgebirge is and
which special aspects can be discovered here (s. Events). As a special target group,
groups of children and teens as well as school and kindergarten classes are
addressed. Press work, information brochures and exhibitions strengthen public
relations work. By working closely together with different user groups, conflicts with
the objectives of nature conservation are meant to be avoided beforehand.

Contact person

Stefanie Jessolat, Ronald Ledermüller, Isabell Niclas, Andreas Hofmann

Contact address:

District supervisor and ranger
Jean-Paul-Str. 9
D-95632 Wunsiedel
Tel.: +49 (0)9232 / 80-539, 80-482